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Facilitate procedures
with Fluentis WMS

Workflow Management System

Modify and implement business processes with WMS

The WMS module is responsible for managing the warehouse, from the receipt and storage of incoming goods, up to shipments to customers. It allows you to interact with the basic algorithms of the procedures, to modify and implement different versions of each process, allowing the sharing of information and the passage of tasks from one employee to another. The flexibility of Fluentis ERP technology allows a power user to design specific processes based on custom events, thus making the ERP environment proactive.

Benefits of a WMS integrated to the ERP

With a native WMS program, you get business-level traceability and real-time speed and responsiveness. Using scanners and barcodes, t is possible to switch from pen and paper to a digital WMS environment that eliminates the rewriting of data and the inevitable human error.
The benefits of a complete warehouse management system include:

  • Shorter processing times
  • Optimization of inventory accuracy
  • Improved customer service
  • Greater use of space
  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • Reduced labor cost


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