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Purchasing Area
SCM – Supply Chain

Efficient purchasing management makes your business competitive

Fluentis ERP allows the management of all phases of the purchasing cycle in a planned and controlled way. The Purchasing software of Fluentis ERP is designed to support company operators in the rapid management of all documentation relating to supply chain management. By issuing supply orders, which can take place manually or automatically, it is possible to proceed with the “procurement” of goods aimed at managing production or warehouse according to the specific company reality.


  • Management of incoming lots
  • Price list management in supplier currency
  • Management of alternative n-units of measurement
  • Import purchase lists from catalogs with update discount categories
  • Creation of orders from purchase requests
  • Purchase order creation based on sales orders

What can you do with the Purchasing Area of Fluentis ERP?


Purchase prices can be entered and maintained easily. It allows you to import national catalogs in supplier price management without import rules to support consultation at the resale counter. It is possible to import from the supplier price management only the items processed by automatically coding: the items in the master data, the purchase and sale discount categories and the supplier list. It allows you to manage discounts, discounts and tiered prices, prices by quantity.


It was created to meet the typical needs of commercial companies that work with national catalogs and discount categories. It is possible to update the sale discount categories automatically from the supplier discount categories.


It is the link between production and the passive cycle. Purchase requests, as well as manually, can be automatically generated based on the results of the production planning.


It allows you to manage the supply of goods by the company. In the manual entry of orders, all the data granted to the supplier in the master data are automatically reported: types of payment, discounts, expenses. Supplier orders can be created automatically from Purchase Requests or from Customer Orders with the possibility for the user to decide through parameters which supplier to order and with which methodology to search for prices to be proposed in the order.


Procedure that fulfills the order from the supplier and prepares the document for the delivery note or invoice. It allows to manage serial numbers, lots and variants.


Allows the insertion of manual notices or to fulfill the purchase order lines. It allows you to manage serial numbers, lots and variants. It is possible to manage the warehouse load externally or contextually to the purchase notices by updating the availability and stock of the goods.


It allows the automatic creation of invoices both on the basis of the supplier bill and directly of the purchase order. It also allows you to manage serial numbers, lots and variants. It is possible to check prices, payment methods and automatically account for the invoice thus facilitating all accounting operations. The purchase invoice loading procedure makes it possible and easy to manage the availability and stock of goods.

Manage all phases of the purchasing cycle in a planned and controlled way

The modules of the Fluentis Purchasing Management software are connected with the production planning area (MPS). It is in fact possible, downstream of a production schedule, to obtain the issue of RDA-type documents (Purchase Requests) which can then be transformed into Request for Quotation rather than directly into Supplier Orders.

For typically non-productive companies, the Purchasing Management area is also connected with the Sales area: it is in fact possible to carry out an automatic supply order directly from a customer order, this to speed up the process of organizing the Supply Chain in companies typically commercial.

The Purchasing Management of Fluentis is responsible for managing the loading of goods in the warehouse through integration with the Logistics area where all the appropriate reasons for loading in the warehouse are mapped.




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