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Prototypes Area
ETO – Engineering
to Order

Design as a key element for order management

In the Fluentis ERP management software, the Prototypes Area represents the ETO (Engineering To Order) model, typical of those types of companies, typically productive, that operate by order, providing the creation of a “tailor-made” product for a specific client. Potentially always different.


  • Integration with the bill of materials/cycles
  • Cost and time calculation
  • Update of price lists

What can you do with the Prototypes Area of Fluentis ERP?


After defining all the necessary components, at any level of the bill of materials within the prototype, it is possible to obtain the creation of the relative bill of materials, and analyze any subsequent differences with respect to this. This approach helps the operator a lot in determining the product characteristics. Through this functionality it is possible to avoid having to reconstruct the product structure in the bill of materials module, once the offer is confirmed by the customer. The same procedure is also operational in the context of the work cycles where having previously defined the processing phases, with the confirmation of the assignment it is also possible to obtain the work cycle mirroring what is defined within the structure of the prototype.


The calculation of the costs proceeds in the determination of the first cost, that is the industrial one, given by the sum of all the material costs in addition to the processing phases. It is possible to add further cost components to this first cost, before the margin in order to reach the so-called total cost. As a next step, by defining a markup suitably defined by the operator, the real sale price is established. In addition to costs and revenues, this process also allows the definition of production times for each phase which, when added together, represent the overall time for the production of the finished product.


The prototype procedure is also integrated with the flow of sales lists. Once the sale price has been calculated, if liked by the operator, it can be reversed on the general price list, rather than on the specific price list of the specific customer.

The definition of the Prototype guarantees the order margin

For companies that work by order, the product is never characterized by standard specifications, but it is almost always a new, different construction, which requires careful analysis of all its components. Normally these companies produce only after the customer’s order is actually acquired. In these circumstances, the operator needs to produce a cost estimate for the product, to determine the production times, to proceed with the commercial offer and, only to follow, possibly organize, the actual production of the goods.

The need to resort to a management software that includes a Prototype Area often derives from the fact that the property being negotiated has particularly personalized characteristics, therefore there is the need to identify all the components of material cost, processing cost and indirect costs to be assigned to this order, in order to build an overall cost, on which, with a suitable MarkUp, the real sale price is defined. The company then proceeds with awareness to the realization of what the customer requests, with the serenity of having guaranteed a predefined margin for the whole operation.




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