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Maintenance Management

Schedule, plan and monitor maintenance services

In Fluentis, Maintenance Management, ordinary and / or extraordinary, has been designed to provide organizational support to all “Service Oriented” companies that are normally responsible for managing a fleet of plants on which it is necessary to carry out various types of intervention. The Maintenance area is defined as a complementary part of both the Projects Area, which is particularly integrated with the management of Serial Numbers, as well as with the Assets in Accounting module.


  • Plant management
  • Management of Services/Materials
  • Location Management
  • Intervention requests creation

What can you do with the Fluentis Maintenance Area?


The registry of the systems allows you to accurately identify the type of object, the tool for which subsequent maintenance will be carried out, both ordinary rather than extraordinary. From the plant registry it is possible to know the owner, the location, the area in which it is located, the resource that is normally assigned for maintenance, as well as the commercial conditions relating to the intervention to be generated. In the event that the plant refers to the maintenance of an internal asset, rather than to the production area, the procedure is able to commit the work center and suspend it for the duration of the necessary maintenance.


With regard to the plant, it is possible to indicate the set of maintenance services to be carried out in order to automate the issue of requests for intervention from which the planner can subsequently carry out the planned interventions. The list of materials represents the historical composition of the plant with the possibility of indicating the relative serial number for each of these.


Especially in the event that the system is not owned by the customer, or has not been purchased by the customer, it is possible to chronologically indicate all the locations where the system has been located over time (for example, the rent of forklifts). Normally, when it comes to plants present for example in buildings, built by a company and subsequently sold or rented to other entities, it is necessary to detect the sequence of succession in order to have full awareness not only of the location, but also of the actual reality owner.


Nella Gestione delle Manutenzioni, in modalità massiva, è possibile generare l’elenco delle richieste di intervento a capo di ogni impianto selezionato. Questo permette all’operatore di accelerare l’emissione dell’ordine pianificato in un’unica operazione.

Maintenance Management: a useful tool

Scheduled maintenance can be managed with regard to owned plants, or company work centers, tools and / or assets available to the company and which are periodically necessary for their maintenance, under penalty of their correct functioning. n Fluentis ERP it is also possible to manage systems not owned del cliente by the customer (typical management of boilers, lifts, generator sets, etc.).

The procedure provides for the possibility of defining various types of maintenance contract according to the agreements established with the customer. Such as maintenance under warranty, maintenance of spare parts, maintenance with the possibility of including a predefined number of interventions etc.


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