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Isolated Cloud – Fluentis ERP

Fluentis ERP in Isolated Cloud:
customization is within everyone’s reach

Isolated Cloud represents the right solution for small companies that want to have a Public Cloud setup, but have heavy customization needs. Thanks to this configuration, it is possible to dedicate a “reserved” space of resources, both hardware and system software, without having to bear the costs of a dedicated Virtual Machine. In this way it is possible to guarantee, without excessive costs, an operation in Isolated mode, which provides a separation of processes compared to the installation in Public Cloud.

The company that chooses the Isolated Cloud does not want to have the burden of managing its own dedicated Virtual Machine (Private Cloud) both in terms of responsibility and in terms of commitment economic, but wants to access the same advantages in terms of process isolation.

Target: Small companies, typically commercial, multi-company setting, with strong customizations features.




Isolated Cloud ERP

Fluentis Cloud adapts to every need

Fluentis Cloud, thanks to its Public, Isolated, Private versions, adapts perfectly
to the needs of small companies and also medium and large organizations.
Fluentis ERP Public Cloud

It is the right solution for micro enterprises looking for cloud-based management software typically created for “Retail” and/or “Service-Centric” companies. The Public version combines the power of an ERP with the possibility of having the minimum customizations necessary for your corporate identity.

Fluentis ERP Isolated Cloud

It represents the ideal solution for typical commercial companies that, however, cannot operate in the Public Cloud because they have heavily customized processes, but are unable to sustain the burden of a completely dedicated environment. This solution allows to have a shared infrastructure, but a dedicated Fluentis ERP installation.

Private Cloud - Fluentis ERP

The classic installation in which the company wishes to have a completely dedicated infrastructure in terms of system software resources. That is, one or more Virtual Machines at one’s disposal in which to proceed with the management independently, both in terms of security and in terms of operational flexibility.


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