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Cloud ERP

Any time, anywhere,
with total data security

Fluentis Cloud ERP solution:
features and configurations

Fluentis Cloud ERP focuses on topics such as security, distribution of the solution and the ability to operate with a Multi-Tenancy approach, where the customer shares both hardware and software resources, separating only their own data set. Fluentis Cloud ERP is at the same time flexible and customizable, a real opportunity to better balance costs and benefits.

Your business can applicate the model in all its operating areas.

You can choose the version that best suits the needs of your company, not only by selecting the “bundle” that best matches your needs, but also by configuring the type of Cloud that most closely meets your organization. There are 3 possible levels of Cloud configuration:

PUBLIC CLOUD: for small companies that have to manage the business from the accounting, to the active cycle
control, including warehouse management.
ISOLATED CLOUD: suitable for companies that need a “hybrid” operating model, able to guarantee a high level of customization.
PRIVATE CLOUD: for medium to large structured enterprises that have a more complex environment and need one or more fully dedicated virtual machines.

The Cloud model of Fluentis ERP is reversible (i.e. it is possible to start a configuration in Cloud, and then decide to move it On Premises – and vice versa).


Benefits of a Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP has 3 main advantages:

  • Reduced costs (hardware and software cost savings)
  • Mobility (access your data anytime, anywhere)
  • Security (your data is protected with high security systems)

Find out more about features and benefits of Fluentis Cloud ERP.

The global ERP Cloud market is expected to grow by about 28 billion dollars by 2022, to around 8% of CAGR between 2016 and 2022.
Previsioni Cloud ERP

Fluentis Cloud adapts to every need

Fluentis Cloud, thanks to its Public, Isolated, Private versions, is perfectly suited
to the needs of small – even micro – companies and to medium and large organizations.
Fluentis ERP Public Cloud

A suitable solution for micro enterprises looking for a Cloud software typically designed for “Retail” and/or “Service-Centric” companies. The Public version combines the power of an ERP with the possibility of having the minimum customizations necessary for one’s corporate identity.

Fluentis ERP Isolated Cloud

The ideal solution for commercial companies that cannot operate in the Public Cloud because they have customized processes, but are unable to sustain a completely dedicated environment. This solution allows to have a shared infrastructure and a dedicated Fluentis ERP installation at the same time.

Private Cloud - Fluentis ERP

The classic installation in which the company wants to have a completely dedicated infrastructure. With this configuration of the software, the company will have one or more dedicated Virtual Machines on which it will manage both security and operational flexibility autonomously.


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